Returned Missionaries Still Serving
The German Saints

Last Bavarian Missionary Photos

Note: After the publication of the Bavarian Mission History, with photos of the current missionaries, and photos of those who had returned home, a small group of missionaries still arrived in Bavaria, before the mission merger with the South German Mission. These are the photos of those missionaries that we could come up with.
William Ray Bowen.jpg

William Ray Bowen

Donald Ward Carter.jpg

Donald Ward Carter

Willaim Russell Dixon.jpg

William Rusell Dixon

Bruce P. Fischer.jpg

Bruce P. Fischer

John Robert Graves.jpg

John Robert Graves

Richard D. Hacken.jpg

Richard D. Hacken

Edith Brown Hansen.jpg

Edith Brown Hansen

Nila Mae Ipson.jpg

Nila Mae Ipson

LeRoy Carl Naegle.jpg

LeRoy Carl Naegle

Diane Schafer.jpg

Diane Schafer

Cheryl Joy Shepard.jpg

Cheryl Joy Shepard

George M. Smalley.jpg

George M. Smalley

John Willis Snelders.jpg

John Willis Snelders

Philip Keyting Snow.jpg

Phillip Keyting Snow

Ronald Dennis Walker.jpg

Ronald Dennis Walker

Gary Dean Weber.jpg

Gary Dean Weber

Kenneth Edward Wilde.jpg

Kenneth Edward Wilde

Lowell Kent Woffinden.jpg

Lowell Kent Woffinden

William Dee Young.jpg

William Dee Young

Don Oldham 28 Dec 1966.jpg

Don Albert Oldham