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Last Bavarian Missionary Photos

Note: After the publication of the Bavarian Mission History, with photos of the current missionaries, and photos of those who had returned home, a small group of missionaries still arrived in Bavaria, before the mission merger with the South German Mission. These are the photos of those missionaries that we could come up with.
  • Bruce P. Fischer
    Bruce P. Fischer
  • Cheryl Joy Shepard
    Cheryl Joy Shepard
  • Diane Schafer
    Diane Schafer
  • Don Oldham
    Don Oldham
  • Donald Ward Carter
    Donald Ward Carter
  • Edith Brown Hansen
    Edith Brown Hansen
  • Gary Dean Weber
    Gary Dean Weber
  • George M. Smalley
    George M. Smalley
  • John Robert Graves
    John Robert Graves
  • John Willis Snelders
    John Willis Snelders
  • Kenneth Edward Wilde
    Kenneth Edward Wilde
  • LeRoy Carl Naegle
    LeRoy Carl Naegle
  • Lowell Kent Woffinden
    Lowell Kent Woffinden
  • Nila Mae Ipson
    Nila Mae Ipson
  • Philip Keyting Snow
    Philip Keyting Snow
  • Richard D. Hacken
    Richard D. Hacken
  • Ronald Dennis Walker
    Ronald Dennis Walker
  • William Dee Young
    William Dee Young
  • William Ray Bowen
    William Ray Bowen
  • William Russell Dixon
    William Russell Dixon