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Bavarian Missionary Photos

Note: These are the photos of Bavarian Missionaries who had already returned home by the time that the Bavarian Mission History was published. Those missionaries still serving at the time of the History are pictured in their Districts in group photos. Also note, that there may be some errors in the captions under the photos. When these photos were published at the back of the History book, no captions were listed under the photos. Instead, the photos were identified in separate lists. However, there were clearly errors. In one case, where 10 photos were shown in a row in the photo section, there were only 9 names in the separate list for that row. We invite anyone who spots errors to let us know, so that they can be corrected.
  • Albert Rensmann
    Albert Rensmann
  • Alexander D. Lott
    Alexander D. Lott
  • Allan LeRoy Isaac
    Allan LeRoy Isaac
  • Allan Roy McClain
    Allan Roy McClain
  • Anna Rensmann
    Anna Rensmann
  • Annalies Erna Nitschka
    Annalies Erna Nitschka
  • Arthur Lynn Michaelis
    Arthur Lynn Michaelis
  • Arthur Martin Amann
    Arthur Martin Amann
  • Beth Ann Strebel
    Beth Ann Strebel
  • Bruce Lindsey Bennion
    Bruce Lindsey Bennion
  • Bruce Young Cromar
    Bruce Young Cromar
  • Calvin Brodill McComber
    Calvin Brodill McComber
  • Carol Jean Summerhays
    Carol Jean Summerhays
  • Cecil Elijah Goff Jr
    Cecil Elijah Goff Jr
  • Chall Warthen McRoberts
    Chall Warthen McRoberts
  • Charles David Richards
    Charles David Richards
  • Christe Maria Christians
    Christe Maria Christians
  • Clair H. Griffin
    Clair H. Griffin
  • Claus Dieter Muecke
    Claus Dieter Muecke
  • Clinton C. Groll
    Clinton C. Groll
  • Cordell Albert Perkes
    Cordell Albert Perkes
  • Dale Lusk
    Dale Lusk
  • Darrel Lavell Clegg
    Darrel Lavell Clegg
  • David Carl Madsen
    David Carl Madsen
  • David Duane Gibby
    David Duane Gibby
  • David Henry Hyde
    David Henry Hyde
  • David Junius Bowers
    David Junius Bowers
  • David LeRoy Behling
    David LeRoy Behling
  • David Spencer Milne
    David Spencer Milne
  • David Wayne Colton
    David Wayne Colton
  • David Wayne Lewis
    David Wayne Lewis
  • Dean Ray Bitter
    Dean Ray Bitter
  • Dean Reynold Wixom
    Dean Reynold Wixom
  • Dennis Earl Oyler
    Dennis Earl Oyler
  • Dennis Harry Ballard
    Dennis Harry Ballard
  • Dennis K. Weston
    Dennis K. Weston
  • Dennis Stewart Gilbert
    Dennis Stewart Gilbert
  • Dix Howard Christensen
    Dix Howard Christensen
  • Don Lee Earl
    Don Lee Earl
  • Donald Dee Fortner
    Donald Dee Fortner
  • Donald J. Robertson
    Donald J. Robertson
  • Donald William Bryan
    Donald William Bryan
  • Earl Dexter Rees
    Earl Dexter Rees
  • Earl Wayne McDaniel
    Earl Wayne McDaniel
  • Eldon Jay Watson
    Eldon Jay Watson
  • Ernest T. Bramwell
    Ernest T. Bramwell
  • Eugene Carson Stanford
    Eugene Carson Stanford
  • Frank Almon Browne
    Frank Almon Browne
  • Frank David Berg
    Frank David Berg
  • Fred Arch Jensen
    Fred Arch Jensen
  • Galen Noel Gadd
    Galen Noel Gadd
  • Gary Franke Chamberlain
    Gary Franke Chamberlain
  • Gary LeRoy Sant
    Gary LeRoy Sant
  • Gary Lyle Deamer
    Gary Lyle Deamer
  • Gaylon Sanford Campbell
    Gaylon Sanford Campbell
  • George Frederick Henkel
    George Frederick Henkel
  • George Robert Smith
    George Robert Smith
  • Gerald Eduard Molloy
    Gerald Eduard Molloy
  • Gerald Lamont Meik
    Gerald Lamont Meik
  • Gerald Penny Ford
    Gerald Penny Ford
  • Gerald Thorpe Bowns
    Gerald Thorpe Bowns
  • Gilbert Fred Jordan
    Gilbert Fred Jordan
  • Gilbert Julian Harding
    Gilbert Julian Harding
  • Glen Freman Jepsen
    Glen Freman Jepsen
  • Gordon Walter Creer
    Gordon Walter Creer
  • Grant Smith Howlett
    Grant Smith Howlett
  • Grant Wayne Boam
    Grant Wayne Boam
  • Grant William Mason
    Grant William Mason
  • Greg R. McQueen
    Greg R. McQueen
  • Hans Ludwig Fingerle
    Hans Ludwig Fingerle
  • Horst Dieter Schirm
    Horst Dieter Schirm
  • Hyrum Huxhold Loscher
    Hyrum Huxhold Loscher
  • Jack Herbert Clawson
    Jack Herbert Clawson
  • Jack Warren Meyer Jr
    Jack Warren Meyer Jr
  • James Bryon Curtis
    James Bryon Curtis
  • James Bryon Sterzer
    James Bryon Sterzer
  • James Russell Wagstaff
    James Russell Wagstaff
  • Jana Jacobs
    Jana Jacobs
  • John Clain Mitchell
    John Clain Mitchell
  • John Frank Briggs
    John Frank Briggs
  • Karl Fredrick Pulley
    Karl Fredrick Pulley
  • Kaydell Corwin Bowles
    Kaydell Corwin Bowles
  • Keith F. Kinghorn
    Keith F. Kinghorn
  • Kent Reynold Johnson
    Kent Reynold Johnson
  • Larry William Fluharty
    Larry William Fluharty
  • Leo George Weber
    Leo George Weber
  • Leonard Kay Gillespie
    Leonard Kay Gillespie
  • Louis Brough Dorny
    Louis Brough Dorny
  • Lyn Eugene Nelson
    Lyn Eugene Nelson
  • Manfred Mueller
    Manfred Mueller
  • Marlell A. Neilson
    Marlell A. Neilson
  • Marlo D. Mace
    Marlo D. Mace
  • Marlow W. Sagers
    Marlow W. Sagers
  • Mas Fred Jacobson
    Mas Fred Jacobson
  • Max A. Lewis
    Max A. Lewis
  • Max Mason Brown
    Max Mason Brown
  • Melvin Carl Reisner
    Melvin Carl Reisner
  • Melvin Hugh Martin
    Melvin Hugh Martin
  • Melvin Lynn Johnson
    Melvin Lynn Johnson
  • Murland LeRoy Rydalch
    Murland LeRoy Rydalch
  • Newell Clair Acord
    Newell Clair Acord
  • Owen Albert Michaelis
    Owen Albert Michaelis
  • Paul Clifton Christiansen
    Paul Clifton Christiansen
  • Paul Weston Dewsnup
    Paul Weston Dewsnup
  • Phillip Dean Nelson
    Phillip Dean Nelson
  • Phillip Eugene Hawkes
    Phillip Eugene Hawkes
  • Polly Gwen Johnson
    Polly Gwen Johnson
  • Reed I. Warnick
    Reed I. Warnick
  • Rex Lee Wirthlin
    Rex Lee Wirthlin
  • Richard H. Grappendorf
    Richard H. Grappendorf
  • Richard James Gracey
    Richard James Gracey
  • Richard Jesse Rees
    Richard Jesse Rees
  • Richard Kent Young
    Richard Kent Young
  • Richard Lavell Ward
    Richard Lavell Ward
  • Richard Nathan Kirkham
    Richard Nathan Kirkham
  • Richard Sherman
    Richard Sherman
  • Robert Allen Jones
    Robert Allen Jones
  • Robert Andrews Hunter
    Robert Andrews Hunter
  • Robert Halsey Bean
    Robert Halsey Bean
  • Robert M. Waldron
    Robert M. Waldron
  • Robert Michael Stringham
    Robert Michael Stringham
  • Robert Paul Kitterman
    Robert Paul Kitterman
  • Rodger P. Neve
    Rodger P. Neve
  • Ronald Burdett Mathews
    Ronald Burdett Mathews
  • Ronald D. Richardson
    Ronald D. Richardson
  • Ronald John Ford
    Ronald John Ford
  • Ronald Otis Miles
    Ronald Otis Miles
  • Ronald Ray Shook
    Ronald Ray Shook
  • Ronald Richard Gurney
    Ronald Richard Gurney
  • Ross Burton Brown
    Ross Burton Brown
  • Sheldon Baxter Waite
    Sheldon Baxter Waite
  • Sherman B. Johnson
    Sherman B. Johnson
  • Stanford Eugene Cromar
    Stanford Eugene Cromar
  • Stephen D. Larsen
    Stephen D. Larsen
  • Steven Allan Hedquist
    Steven Allan Hedquist
  • Steven Lowell Packer
    Steven Lowell Packer
  • Steven Ralph Edgel
    Steven Ralph Edgel
  • Theron R. Hodgkinson
    Theron R. Hodgkinson
  • Thomas John Halliday
    Thomas John Halliday
  • Thomas Stephen Stosich
    Thomas Stephen Stosich
  • Unknown2
  • Unknown3
  • Ursula Susanne Kundis
    Ursula Susanne Kundis
  • Verdell Oborn Saxton
    Verdell Oborn Saxton
  • Wallace Jay McAllister
    Wallace Jay McAllister
  • Wendell C. Carpenter
    Wendell C. Carpenter
  • Wendell Van Z. Miller
    Wendell Van Z. Miller
  • Wesley G. Vorwaller
    Wesley G. Vorwaller
  • William Bernell Barret
    William Bernell Barret
  • unknown