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Rowan Publication 1962 through 1963

Jeff Marchant shared the Rowan publication material that he had in his possession from his missionary days. There is just one issue from 1962 and some from 1963. Many weeks are missing. He also provided Rowans for most of 1964, with only a few weeks missing. Here is what he wrote:
I am enclosing material that may be of interest to you for the South German website. l served from May of 1962 to November 1964 and was
in the mission home as a counselor with Elder Lee Nelson during the transition from Gardner to Fetzer. Blythe Gardner and John Fetzer were two very fine mission presidents, each with unique attributes and contributing much to the growth and stability of the Church in Southern Germany and the sheperding of its missionaries.

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Buck, Rees, Strong, Fischer, New, Hansen, Condie, Blatter, Bunker, Lawrence, Alison, Myers, Taylor, Perry, Heaton
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David Egli, Ronald Parker, Dillard Broderick, Thomas McKnight
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Kent M. Aland, Glenn Spencer, Leland Morrison, Karen White
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Rosenvall, Hansen, Fetzer, Luedtke, Snow, Schmid, G. Peterson, Wood, Broderick, Rees, Price, Egan, Starr, Donahoe, Hays, Mathis, Gurney, Gabler, M. Peterson, Lovell, Bateman, Dibble
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President Gardner, Sister Gardner
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Dean Castle, Derek Kaufman, Wayne Hays, Chad Pugmire, Steven Eppich
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Snow, Gurney, Egan, Mathis, Rees, Bateman, Fetzer, Broderick, Hays, Price, Wood, Schmid, Rosenvall, G. Peterson, Starr, Luedtke, M. Peterson, Gabler, Hansen, Lovell, Dibble, Donahoe
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Snow, Batemen, Egan, Hays, Fetzer, Lovell, Pugmire, Broderick, Schmid, Wood, Mathis, Berg, Luedtke, Donahoe, Price, Gurney, Starr, Gabler, Peterson, Dibble, Hansen
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President Blythe M. Gardner
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William Joseph Watkins, Dan Gaylen Curtis, Steven Preece Sondrup, Dennis Merrill Worthen, Cyril Vard Porter, Richard Edward, Dixon, John McClellan Allred, Albert Ponnien Schmuhl, Vernon Ralph Bennion, Henry Robert Miller, David Reginald Hunsaker, Robert Clifford Bennet, William Sydney Blumer, Benton Peterson Warren Hansen, Wayne Hays
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Jon Wright, Maynard J. Berg, Ronald Parker, John Dobbs, Chad L. Pugmire
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Schmid, Snow, Berg, Bateman, Pugmire, Hansen Mathis, Gurney, Fetzer, Hays, Lovell,Egan, Broderick, Price, Gabler, Wood, Rosenvall, Starr, Peterson, Luedtke, Dibble, Donahoe
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Pugmire, Carlson, Eppich, Broderick, Schmid, Snow, Fetzer, Egan, Nelson, Lovell, Busselberg, Tucker, Berg, Price, Knorr, Marchant, Castle, Bateman, Dibble, Aland, Luedtke, Rosenvall, Peterson
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President and Sister Gardner
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Nelson, Kuehne
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Chad Pugmire, Jerry Place, Robert Rose, Russell Thornock
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John W. Wintch, Bruce McRae, Ross Jones, Raymond VanderDoes, Carl Johnston
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Pugmire, Bateman, Busselberg, Knorr, Nelson, Eppich, Snow, Lovell, Mason, Broderick, Castle, Schmid, Price, Berg, Marchant, Aland, Egan, Fetzer, Rosenvall, Luedtke Tucker, Peterson, Donahoe, Dibble, Carlson
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Norman Robinson, John Bringhurst, V.D. Forbes
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Fratello Minotti, Dennis M. Longhurst, Kenneth B. Henderson, Robert M. Wight, Norris Merrill, James S. Wright, Pfaff, Erike Trawincki
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Knorr, Snow, Schmid, Nelson, Marchant, Carlson, Busselberg, Castle, Broderick, Lovell, Pugmire, Eppich, Berg, Aland, Egan, Luedtke, Tucker, Price, Bateman, Peterson, Fetzer, Dibble, Mason, Rosenvall, Donahoe
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Blythe M. Gardner
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Richard D. Cardall, Darrell Krueger, Bruce McRae
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Kurt Wegner, William D. Thompson, Grand Brand Walther, Robert C. Ludlow, Linde E. MacBeth, Craig Reed Warner, Leon Randall Hale, Robert Corbridge, John Thomas Cory, Alden C. Hale, Kent M. Bingham, Richard W. Gosch, David Arnold Hildebrandt, Phillip Douglas Guthrie, Doughals L. Denne, John Cooley Kemp, Steven Stuart DeJulio, Jay Alan Taylor, Frederick R. Boundy, Allan G. Clark, David Lamar Midgley, Roger Lynn Keddington, William D. Bickmore Jr, Karl P. Meng, Robert Ether Taylor, Jesse A. Pearson, Linda Hipwell
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Snow, Nelson, Busselberg, Donahoe, Pugmire, Knorr, Eppich, Lovell, Castle, Berg, Aland, Egan, Bateman, Marchant, Tucker, Mason, Schmid, Broderick, Price, Smith, Fetzer, Luedtke, Carlson, Dibble, Rosenvall
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