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Content provided by Malyn K. Malquist

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Brother and Sister Hadchek, two wonderful members In Ebingen, my first city. I was pretty home sick for the first while. It was winter, very snowy and cold (I was from SoCal), and the work was pretty slow. This wonderful couple had us over to eat once a week, which helped me get through those tough first couple of months until I got my mission-legs.
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The chapel in Coburg with the Schloss in the background. I thought that this was one of the prettiest chapels in our mission. Coburg was one of my favorite places to serve. I was in Coburg in the fall of 1972. The branch only had 40-50 active members, but they were awesome people.
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In Augsburg, Spring of 1972 with Elders Anderson, Pitcher, me (Malquist) and Elder Guggisberg. My Mom sent us some Hire’s Rootbeer extract and we made root beer and had our own Octoberfest!
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At the Baptism of Sister Hildegard Niedworok (second from right). I believe that the man on the left is the Nurnberg branch president with his two sons in front, and the other couple are members of the branch (perhaps the man on the right was the previous branch president?) Elder Sommerfeldt and I taught Sister Niedworok.
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Christmas 1972 with the Karlsruhe Branch President’s family. I am trying to remember their last name, but just can’t come up with it. I can remember the two daughter’s names (I wonder why???), Sylvia on the left and Barbara on the right. Barbara taught weekly German lessons to the Karlsruhe missionaries. The missionaries are Elders Crittenden, Burdett, and Wolthuis, my companion.
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The after-dinner clean-up crew: Elders Wolthuis, Crittenden, Malquist

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P-day lunch in Munchen: Elder Mackley, Elder Glaser, Sisters Smith, Boyce, and Young, Elders Kruger, Howard and Conner. We made scones.

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Elders Merrill, Gibbons, Wolthuis, Anderson, ?, Hall?, Sommerfeldt, Osterhout, Stirland, Davies, ?. (I know that I know these names that I’m missing, but I sure can’t come up with them. 50 Years is a long time.)
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A little P-day outing in Sigmaringen with Elders Hartwigson, Merrill, Camp and me (Malquist).
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This is Sr. Franke, one of the awesome members in Coburg. She had the missionaries over to eat almost every Sunday. This is what I wrote about her in a letter home: “There is an older woman in the branch here, her name is Sr. Franke. She’s 82, but really a ball of fire and true to the church. During WW 2, she and some other members held regular church services on Sunday in her home against the Nazi’s wishes. And she’s really funny. You can be standing in church on Sunday giving a talk and if you say something she likes you’ll hear a big “Jawohl!” It is awesome to get to know people like her.” Also in the picture are Sister Tuttle (far left), Sister Memmott (middle), and Elder Bigelow. I do not remember the name of the woman in orange, who I believe was a member of the Coburg branch.

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Elders Taylor and Hatch ready to knock on some doors in Nurnberg. Who wouldn’t want to talk with these two?
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Karlsruhe missionaries. Photo was taken in spring, 1973. I remember all of the faces, but not many of the names. Starting on the left: Elder Guggisberg?, Elder Malquist, Elder Adling?, Elder Merrill, ?,?,?,?, Elder Crittenden, Elder Bigelow, Elder Herd, Elder Exeter?, Elder Barnes?, Elder Petersen

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Christmas 1972, the “after-dinner” picture.
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A P-Day outing in Munchen during summer, 1973. Left to right: Sister Boyce, ?, Elders Howard, Kruger and Conner, Sister Smith, Elder Glaser, Sister Young

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At the baptism of Sister Blum in Munchen. President Zacherl (Munich 1st Branch President) and his family, Elder Adling and Elder Malquist.
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At the baptism of Sister Gerlinde Schmiedel in Munich, along with Elder Howard and Elder Malquist. Sister Schmiedel was a student at the University of Munich. Later, she married Rudi Hunger who was the branch president in Rosenheim, and later he became a stake president of the Munich stake. I am still in touch with Br. and Sr. Hunger.